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Anonymous Surfing

October 8, 2010

This is a review of a company called SuperVPN
located at

Privacy. It’s something we all want, assume we have, and are losing more and more with each passing day.

People think If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Tell that to an average person of modest means who finds themselves innocent but having to fight a huge bureaucracy with unlimited resources because someone screwed up an IP address or configured something wrong in the software!

There are people who desire privacy because they are doing something wrong, but that is not the majority. Living in the USA, we forget sometimes that many people live in repressive countries that censor what their people can view or say and may arrest them if they find them violating their rules.

The music companies are notorious for going after massive numbers of people accusing them of downloading illegal content and demanding thousands of dollars in damages to settle out of court or face fighting a battle stacked against them with a group that has unlimited resources and isn’t fazed by the fact that you may not own a computer at all, or were on vacation during the time the activity took place.

Mistakes are made and once you’re caught up in the system, you’re guilty until they can’t find anymore ways to suppress your innocence.

Better to avoid risking that situation than hoping some powerful group will come to your defense on a pro bono basis.

When you connect to the Internet, your Internet provider assigns you a unique address called an IP address which is attached to any request you make. This is why what you do can be monitored by various groups.

Internet providers are assigned a group of IP addresses only they are allowed to use. When the group sees your IP address, they can lookup which block of IP addresses it falls within. They send the provider a letter asking which customer was assigned that IP address on that date and time. Providers keep files called logs for various lengths of time with that information, so they look it up and send your contact information to that group. They can either suspend your account or even sue you for wildly exaggerated damages.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting privacy, one solution is provided by a company called SuperVPN.

In a nutshell, they give you a virtual “tunnel” between your computer and theirs. Before anything leaves your computer, it is scrambled to the point where it would take very powerful computers a lot of time to break the code. Unless you’re a suspected terrorist or major criminal, it’s unlikely any group is going to assign the resources to see what you’re doing.

The scrambled information is sent from your computer to theirs where it’s unscrambled so it can be sent to the proper computer. Before they do that, they assign you their own IP address and attach it to the request rather than your real one. When the other computer receives the request, it sends it back to SuperVPN who rescrambles it, reassigns your original IP address and sends it back to you where it is unscrambled and displayed or downloaded onto your computer. They also keep no logs of which IP addresses they assign to which customer, so if a group does happen to decide they didn’t like what you downloaded, they hit a dead-end and you never hear from them.

They have plans that start at only 4.00 per month, so you can probably find a plan that will fit your budget.

I am not condoning or suggesting that you use their service for anything that is illegal, and they wish the same. It’s just that they and I don’t want to automatically assume that you’re doing something wrong with no proof.

Check them out, and I wish you safer surfing!